We are a digital-first talent management company focusing on gaming, sports, animation and film/tv creators. We’re committed to helping our creators grow sustainable and diversified media businesses and making sure the brands we work with are delighted with the results.


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Dan Levitt - CEO & FouNDER

Combining digital savvy, tenacity and experience working for Big Frame, Disney & Columbia Records, Dan Levitt is one of the most highly regarded digital-first talent managers. Always looking for innovative ways to combine art and commerce, Dan's current clients include YouTuber MatPat whose Game & Film Theorists channels have over 20 Million subscribers. He also represents several of YouTube's top gaming, sports and pop culture talent. Dan is an Executive Producer on the Streamy-winning YouTube Red series MatPat's Game Lab.  He also consults for startups, brands and creators advising them on digital strategy and business development. 

To date, he's successfully conducted branded integrations with 200+ major traditional and media brands (Google, Netflix, Fox, Disney, Nintendo, Starbucks, Ubisoft, WB, Focus Features, 2K, EA, Oculus, HTC) including custom integrations & recurring direct response partnerships (Seatgeek, Hulu, Dollar Shave Club, Audible, Crunchyroll, Lootcrate). 

CHANTAL ROTONDO - Director, Talent & Partnerships

An experienced Marketing & Event Professional, Chantal is client and strategy focused, helping Long Haul's clients grow their business and helping brands gain brand awareness and conversions.  Chantal has 10+ years of experience in operations, multi-channel marketing strategy and management, customer support, event production and vendor management.


LEAH ALVAREZ - director, Account Management

A talented performer herself, Leah has shown equal skill in the behind-the-scenes talent business side, helping curate custom content and manage day-to-day operations between clients and agencies and brands.  Leah comes to Long Haul with years of real estate operations experience.


CADE WOLTER - Account Manager

Cade Wolter has been an entertainment manager for over 9 years. With his background as both a touring artist and tech developer, he specializes in working with talent and brands to find creative solutions and unique collaborations in a digital world. His focuses include music, sports, and gaming.