There is tremendous value in partnering with influencers of all sizes to authentically connect with your target audience. Our clients have partnered with companies in all different industries (retail, tech, restaurants, gaming, sports, entertainment and more) to raise awareness and drive direct conversions. See examples below and contact us to discuss options!  

Direct Response

Long Haul Management's clients have partnered with brands from all different industries to drive subscriptions, purchases and more, with trackable direct response offers. 

Custom Content

Long Haul Management's clients have partnered with brands to create custom videos and content highlighting games, movies, retail stores, food and more.  Contact us to discuss opportunities to get your message out there in a personal, authentic way.  

Social Posts

Either as stand-alone promotions or as part of a multi-channel campaign, our clients have worked with top brands to promote their services and products in instagram posts, stories, tweets and more.